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I’m just a 23 year-old art degree graduate from Wales, UK trying to find her place in the world. I am currently roaming around Australia finding freelance and regional work and just travelling around to see the sights. Right now I’m living in a caravan in Dingo, Central Queensland. Read my blog if you fancy a little insight to my thoughts!
I specialise in photography, illustration & design. My design abilities include (but are certainly not limited to) developing innovative brand guidelines, photo production and retouching, signage, interior branding, packaging and marketing campaigns for small to large organisations.
Wherever you are in your personal or professional journey I’d be happy to chat! If you’re interested in discussing a new project or venture, if you know exactly what you’re after or just want some friendly advice or chitchat drop me a message or give me call!

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Road Trip! Melbourne to Darwin.

We sit for hours along the highway, listening to You Me At Six battling against the sound of the engine and the rush of the wind through the windows. This new country is build on the shores of a wasteland, and we’re riding up the explorers highway, serial eating Ritz crackers and watching the eagles fly overhead and the crows and vultures feast on the roadkill.

Why I loved to be in Australia.

Dingos and dollars, and “Truth?!” and bucks and she’ll be ‘right” and “your accent stands out here kid” and things are starting to feel very Australian. Since I left Melbourne I’ve been thinking pretty negatively about Australia working holidays, and frustrated at my experience being outweighed by people truly experiencing the wonders this country has … Continue reading Why I loved to be in Australia.

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