16,863 People Reached!

This happened a while ago, but with all the free time I’ve had over the last few weeks I have had the chance to play around with my photos a bit and realise that I don’t think I reacted as much as I should have when this happened.

Rules of Play Ad 2

It was kind of a favour, although I did get paid for the extra time at work, so I don’t class it as a free job (because us little design elves need to value our work more than to give handouts!). Basically I spent a couple of hours before Christmas taking photos of the very festive Rules of Play, the shop I work in when I’m not busting out design assignments at uni or being harassed on the street, and now they’re being used on big scary professional adverts. Go me.

Rules of Play Ad 3

Probably doesn’t seem like a big deal compared to some of the things my fellow student beans are doing but just look at those numbers. Over 16,000 people reached!

Rules of Play Ad 4

Rules of Play Ad

I am one happy bunny at the moment.


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