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Cardiff is an urban forest situated in the South East of Wales. It has a human population of 346,100, covers a land area of 6,400 square miles and has an average annual rainfall of 37.8 inches. Its GDP is $36 billion and its coastal location means it has a maritime climate. It has an ethnically diverse population including humans, seagulls and domestic pets and is a bilingual nation.

IMG_8796 Small
Magpies’ knowledge of the English language is somewhat lacking.

The predominant language structure is human using ‘English’ as its primary form of communication. Through a sophisticated series of mouth noises and scrawled pictograms these mammals are able to transmit complex co-ordinating functions, enabling sophisticated advancements of their once primitive habitat. This has led to significant alterations to the landscape, mutating into a concrete and steel dominated place.

IMG_8566 Smal
Steel giraffes tower above the canopy, grazing on the city’s fauna

This has resulted in implications for the social hierarchies. Those better able to manipulate the language have become the dominant class of humans with the lower classes collectively managed to work for those above. The middle class’ primary function is to ensure the division between the ruling elites and the underclass being rewarded for such behaviours with superior dwellings, nutrition and sanitation. The lower classes live amongst the other species of animals and insects, forced to scavenge a living around the edges.

This stratification can also be observed in the physicality of the city. The elites live and work in the canopy; gravity defying structures towering over the city. The middle classes exist largely in the commercial centre, offices and the houses which encircle the central business district. The underclass lives in an underground network with some smaller rodents operate out of an advanced tunnelling system called the sewers.

IMG_8749 Small
Statues of previous political figures can be found around the city.

Transportation is another area these divisions permeate the fabric of this environment. The most primitive linguists are forced to use foot or paw. Poor collective groups use public transport such as buses, bicycles or trains. Mid-level transport includes steel horses known as cars which dominate the landscape, or boats for lakes and rivers. The super elite utilise wings to hover above the primitive conditions of the forest floor.

Also to note is the human’s propensity to adorn themselves in artificial fur known as clothing. This externalised plumage is used diversely to attract potential mates, protect from weather or predators and to avoid a complex social notion called shame. These range from naturally sourced materials like wool and cotton to artificial fabrics such as denim and PVC.


The local fauna can be found in Cardiff’s many savanna areas. Roath park, Pontcanna fields and Trelai park are host to less built up areas of the city and remain ruled by councils of plants. These more serene areas are free from the noisy advertising of human controlled districts and house most of the cities non-human population. The Bay area and surrounding coastline are home to the ‘deep ones’ such as fish who rarely meddle in human affairs.

Housing varies in Cardiff from the traditional nest to the two-bedroom semi-detached. These are typically used for protection and security during breeding cycles and can double up as trinkets during moments of social comparison, vying for position in the elaborate economic classification of self-worth. These dwellings utilise sophisticated insulation such a duck feathers or double glazing to ensure comfort from the unpredictable weather conditions.

Rival tribes also operate throughout the Cardiff area, marking their territory and enforcing their linguistic rules with technologies such as guns and court-rooms. Whilst the canine population use scent to communicate territorial control humans rely on leaflets, posters and wall markings to spread the influence of these control groups. Gangs such as Labour and Conservative have uniforms of suits and ties and have headquarters in the city such as County hall and The Senedd.

Still relations between groups are mostly peaceful, plant and animal alike. Some animals adopt humans as pets and co-habit, whilst elsewhere plants allow the humans to walk amongst them without incident. The native bird population has an ongoing tension with the humans as birds, who consider themselves a social step above humans, have in places been forced to become scavengers and beggars.

On the whole Cardiff is a temperate climate relatively free from violence. The different species and groups exist in a state of mutual co-operation, and an old truce between the original tribe of Welsh speakers and current occupation of English language tend to live in harmony (except during the annual Six Nations pilgrimage). As the tenth largest nature reserve on the British Isles Cardiff is a shining example of wildlife preservation, co-habitation and shopping arcades.


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