The Beginning of the Adventure | Beyond the Border Festival

I have just spent some time editing and publishing the posts I have had drafted on my personal blog for a while, and a few of them are fairly negative, except this summer, this whole year really, has been a huge adventure. I have done so much (and taken so many photos) so I suppose I should put on a brave face, at least for an hour or so, and upload some of the happier memories of 2o16. It’s odd and slightly painful to even call them memories, they were all so present until a couple of days ago.

Before the summer, and all an amazing improvement to what I could have imagined for myself already, are the trips to the Four Designers Conference again, in London in February, then Chelsea and the Different not Divided event, an interesting experience…in March. Amsterdam March to April, Scotland also in April, May was pretty uneventful according to my photos. And then in June there were the few days in Aberdulais, Bristol and then London, with the failed attempt at filming, then London again to stay in Shoreditch by myself for the D&AD New Blood Festival.

And then summer happened. This might take a few posts to get through, so bare with me, or don’t. Whatever.

The Beyond the Border storytelling festival was the thing to kick off my summer; a trip away to St. Donat’s Castle, Llantwit Major, with some other art students from the university to experience the art of storytelling, through music, performance, poetry, yoga… And create artwork as we watched, or listened, or tried to stand on one foot, hands above my head, and breathe calmly all at the same time, for an exhibition in one of the grand halls in St. Donats Castle. It was a really quite magical experience, unlike anything I’ve done before, and I hope I get to go again next year. Here are some of the best photos I took while I was there. I’ll see if I can dig out the drawings I did there too.


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