So Far in China

I arrived in China this morning / midnight back at home, and as much as I would like to rant about how amazing it is here, how much of the language I have learnt and am excited to use, and how unorganised and incredible the atmosphere is, the speed people move just as I’d thought, I am so tired from the plane still so will keep this short until I have a bit more energy to throw myself into it.

Tomorrow is a day for adventure and taking photos with my real camera but for now I am here so here’s some quick snaps I took with my phone to get started:


First stop London Heathrow, waiting impatiently for my plane.


Second stop, Amsterdam!


Watching the sun go down somewhere over Europe, not a good photo by any means and this photo doesn’t do it justice but I have never seen the sky look so red.


On the express train from the airport into the city. The sun’s coming up again and I’ve barely slept.


The first of the pretty typography I intend to photograph while I’m here. The characters make most of the design here look amazing.


Apparently a slaughterhouse right next to where I’m staying, where they kill the animals right outside where you can see them.


The view from my first Beijing coffee shop experience.


A bad photo of the view from the apartment window which I actually think looks pretty cool. I totally did it on purpose.


I’ve just slept for 4 hours by accident and now it’s 6pm here but still only 10am for me, the next couple of days are probably going to be rough in terms of sleep but I am already having so much fun.


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