Chaoyang District | Sanlitun

This morning I spent a few hours wandering East around Sanlitun, a popular shopping area in Beijing, gazing into shop windows, finding amusement in the amount of Western chains there are here; KFC, McDonalds, Costa Coffee, Starbucks etc. and I even managed to order three dumplings in Mandarin all by myself on the way back, very proud.

Once again my camera stayed shut away in my bag, it’s really strange here where people double take at you on the street, old people especially seem to stare at you as you walk by, I didn’t want to single myself out even more by roaming around with a camera up to my face at every street sign and lion statue.

This afternoon, in about an hour when I’ve managed to get back out of bed and face the city again I plan to go south, towards the Dongyue Temple and the Alter of the Sun, neither of which are very far away but the language barrier and the warmth of this room are making the journey seem much longer and more difficult than it actually is. So maybe just one more episode of Gilmore Girls.


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