Brief Encounters.

To the Scottish guy and the South African girl I spent the first seconds of 2017 with, who I ran through the streets of Beijing with, who I’ll never see again. To all the people you meet when you’re young, brief encounters, people you never really get a chance at a decent start with. In hostels, at university, parties, in clubs and pubs, friends of friends. You’ll probably never see them again, there’s a tragedy and a kind of magic in that.

I was reading a ThisIsYouth post about Nepal and a wave encapsulated me for a moment, of being overwhelmed, like an all-encomapassing chill. His writing often reminds me of my own experiences and I feel somewhat connected to his stories. This particular post inspired me to go back and finish reading another post from a blog closer to home, which I knew would be difficult to read, but somehow neccesary to complete. I hope the writer behind ThisIsYouth knows how influencial and moving his writing is and how powerful his words can be.

I hope that somehow we can all find the connection somewhere and know that we are powerful beyond our view, that brief encounters in the physical world as well as those online, are meaningful even though they are often forgotten and overlooked. We are connected much more than we think.


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