Forbidden City

Today I got stopped and questioned by a Chinese police officer, what did you do?

I was also asked for selfies with three different people, the last being an adorable little girl, a child who actually seemed to like me, a miracle. Selfies with strangers are a regular event here it seems, honestly I am rather looking forward to going back to a country where my pale skin is the norm and not a surprise for old men to stare at on the street.

Sugared bread twists are becoming my go-to street food. Sugar to wake me up in the morning and bread to fill me up until the next time I muster the courage to attempt ordering food in very limited Mandarin. Probably not the healthiest option but in street-food-central where I’m staying this week it’s either that or become accustomed to eating scorpions for breakfast.

So after rolling out of bed, just about charging my phone about 10% through a faulty adaptor, walking in on a fully naked woman arranging her whole suitcase in the washroom and failing to get into the National Museum (and then failing to navigate the exit route as well), I made my way to the Forbidden City.

Here’s what we found:

A ceramics gallery:

And lots of little (and large) details:


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