What is the Goal?

To be happy.

I have finished university and no longer have much to say on my personal blog, life is fairly steady right now; fuel for kick-starting this one again I think.

The goal is to be a travel/lifestyle blogger/photographer in Australia.

*cough* hipster! Call me what you will, it’s what I want to do. To get there I must begin here, in rainy Cardiff, the summer acting as a calming pit stop before the big leap, the quiet before the storm.

I am sat soggily in the bay, in Coffi Co, one of my favourite coffee shops in town, now complete with working guest wifi and coconut milk lattes! What more could I ask for?! I am perched here drenched, dripping wet with an oddly refreshing concoction of sweat and rainwater collected from the cycle over here, a goofy smile slapped around my face. Today is a good day.


The plan.

That’s where I am, now where to next? After checking my withering bank account just to get a coffee here, I discovered a dwindling £200 to get me through the next three months. Motivation enough. However I also want to get better with my photography before trusting it with pandas, and I really want to soak up as much of this city as I can before I leave. So, what is the plan?

So far all I have is throwing myself into local businesses, taking photos and offering them the opportunity to sponsor my ridiculous adventures. A plan I came up with during a Creative Morning in Uncommon Ground last month, caffeine fuelled and educated by pro video production team Storm & Shelter. My mind is erratically shifting between thinking this is the best, most flawless plan I have ever made and cringing at how obviously shallow and badly thought through it may be. Maybe I’ll try anyway. Sponsorship includes blogging on here, obviously booming with followers, exposure, engagement (uuhh…), a pack of professionally snapped and edited photos of their products and services and the possibility of social media management. Maybe I’ll make t-shirts to wear down under, what’s a bit of global advertising going to hurt? I’ll keep thinking up new ideas until something sticks I suppose, bit it’s a start.

I’ve just looked up and there are four rather intimidating looking police officers staring right at me. Why does my face always insist on looking guilty in these situations? I’m sure I’m typing faster now, that can’t look good.
*Five now

It was the Champions League yesterday and today the whole city is crawling with groggy football fans, law enforcement and their horses, and is littered with shards of glass threatening to rip up my bike tires.

*now six police officers. I may need an adult.

Today was the first day in a long while where I’ve actually got up early-ish and made my way out to do stuff. I’ve just had an interview in Penarth at The Fig Tree which was rather refreshing after my recently chaotic and unresolved trial shift at a coffee shop in town (it amazes me how a company can have such a professional, positive front and be so dishonest, thrown-together and frankly cowardly underneath *and breathe*). In contrast, this interview went really well, I get on well with the owner (must remember his name is Mike), and I have a trial shift on Tuesday. If this goes well I could be working in a respectable, flexible, positive restaurant over the summer and build myself a decent foundation to bounce off in Autumn while also getting to stay in Cardiff for a while longer. Wish me luck! (Must also remember that Penarth is the most confusing and difficult place to navigate on a bike and I will most likely be insanely fit by the end of this!)

So let’s do this! Time to get back up and take on the day, watch this space.


3 thoughts on “What is the Goal?

  1. You little adventurer 🙂 I know you can do it and you’ll do amazingly while you’re out there too, in the meantime, you go show Cardiff what you’re made of 😊


  2. Wishing you all the best for Tuesday. We had a lovely meal at the fig tree a couple of years ago. It’s a very nice restaurant. Take time to breathe, you’ve worked so hard for the last 5 years. I’m so proud of you. Xx

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  3. Congratulations on doing so well at Uni and it goes without saying, you’ll do well in Aus, not sure the Aussie’s will be able to cope with you!
    All the very best with everything you do in the future wherever you may be, but remember, we’ll always be there for you should you need us (just hang on to your phone this time!)
    All our love,
    Dad & Katrina

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