Eden Project | Cornwall

This week my wonderful boyfriend *insert blushy face here* (throw up from the cuteness at your own will) treated me to a trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall. We took the slightly cheaper but very long 9 hour journey (each way) on stuffy coaches and walks so long my legs felt like they were going to give up and fall off BUT it was 100% worth it to see the Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes and the outdoor gardens, the giant bee sculpture, a pirate ship I’m still not sure actually exists and of course to spend three whole days escaping and exploring with this beautiful man:

IMG_2944 Small

It was so much fun walking around Cornwall and exploring as much as we did, and staying in the master suite in a little B&B/Winery/Restaurant and feeling so welcome, so at home, so content. We didn’t get murdered in the night, kidnapped to the moors or too lost in the countryside so I’d say it was a really good trip. We ran and jumped 12 metres (slightly less for me) off a ledge and then plummeted 65 feet downwards at 50 miles an hour harnessed into a swing as Bastille watched from below; A rare experience maybe, but I was too focused on not dying to care about slightly more famous people than me watching.

Here are just a few photos of our little adventure…


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