What we’re not taught in school.

Ever inspired by my favourite blogger, encouraged by the words of someone still close to me, against all odds, and irritated by the familiar complacency shown in today, I am compelled to write again.

A couple of weeks ago I fractured a bone in my foot; a stress fracture, caused by the apparently excessive amount of time I spend working on my feet. Going from this to being essentially on house arrest for 4 weeks is a surprisingly numbing and isolating experience; a struggle so many people must have to face, to a much larger extent than myself, and which is apparently a quite overlooked issue in our society (prepare for even more dramatic writing…). I should do something about it but I am enticed into keeping my first world, maybe selfish, priorities and I am sure it will be a while before I delve into inducing change in the medically challenged demographic.

As a result of this I have to contact my employer and discuss sick pay and time off and the legalities of my situation with enough of a standpoint to not be taken advantage off or come across as naive; a frustratingly common criticism of my personality. I have quickly realised that I know nothing of the technicalities of employment. Annual leave, for example, is a mystery to me, I am fairly certain I have not signed an official contract and am worried I am entitled to nothing. But our entitlements and in fact any knowledge of employed life is, in my experience, kept from any education in schools, colleges and even university.

It has always been an irritation of mine that practical skills appear to be missing from children and young people’s education, but this recent incident has brought it all bubbling to the surface. Politics for example, were never taught in my school and yet as soon as we leave we are told we must vote. We must be informed enough to have conversations, social media rants and arguments, decisive and powerful opinions, about the political system and all current affairs. We must know the newest outrageous claims of politicians, their manifestos, what it all means, and choose a side based on bias articles and the prejudice, unfounded exclamations of family members stuck in the same opinion they’ve held for 50 years. You might argue that this is a topic best taught by ourselves or even our parents. But how do we know where to start? How do we begin to unravel the endless political jargon thrown at us from all directions by the media and the people around us?

On another note, entrepreneurship is one topic that actually has begun to be integrated in schools and universities, a step in the right direction, and from my experiences, I for one am very grateful. But this is just the beginning, business skills are still just an option, not compulsory like the questionably important subjects of algebra and statistics.

These paragraphs are spiralling away in the downfall of my caffeine buzz so I will cut this short. There is much to write about why I cannot face these very British issues for the foreseeable future and my aims for the bigger picture, but that is a story for another positively giddy post. In all honesty this one has come from a place purely sourced inside myself and not based on fact or research. I do regret not choosing to spend the time to research issues that frustrate me this much, maybe you could inform me further? I would genuinely love to be educated on the matter. For all I know these skills are being taught to the next generation and I am just unaware. I am sure there are people fighting for this kind of change and business, political and other practical teachings, and again if anyone reading this is raging at me for my ignorance, please drop me a message.

I wish this post could end with a grand claim to effect change, a project or program I am going to throw myself into but in all honesty I have absolutely no idea where I would start, if my energy would cause any friction in the system or who I could possibly talk to about any of this who might have more power than little old me. Any attempt on my part seems to come across as a simple and juvenile ‘f the system’ to anyone with any authority, age or experience advantage. I guess I’ll just keep writing until something sticks… Until next time.


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