Goodbye Cardiff.

This afternoon, I walked to one of the nicest little coffee shops in this city; A difficult feat considering my ‘foot situation’ but I just had to get out of the house. Here I can breathe easily, the sun is shining just warm enough for the day to feel still and peaceful, and while my fingers are exploring the refreshed air around my sides and I sway unevenly towards the park, I realise this isn’t Cardiff any more. Not in the same way it has been.

This is an area on a map, a wide open space, ground and sky, all this and nothing more. It is sad to say (such major change is rarely without its emotional challenges) but this place has no purpose for me any more. Ther are people I want to stay for, sure, one in particular, but I’d rather come back a better person for them than stay here out of comfort. I came and took what I wanted from this space and gave what was wanted from me in return. It is time to move toward the next place, and return one day with my own meaning to stamp on this city. I am still here for two more months, but it feels different, clearer, and I am so excited for the next chapter.

I never said this blog was without its cliches.


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