Roath Park Adventures

This morning I woke up pumped, even without the *free* large gingerbread soya latte I am indulging in now, sitting in Coffee #1 on the edge of something amazing. No, not the writing of this immaculate, inspiring blog post *cough*; on the edge of adventure, and I am getting more ready every day. On the edge of exploration, pushing my limits, and as many more cliche buzzwords I can throw at this. After all, I am travelling to Australia at 22, after finishing education, to pursue a ‘career’ in art. What could be more cliche than that?

Before I jump on that plane though I must tie up any left over loose ends here in the UK. I thought that meant engaging in seemingly necessary and inevitable conversations and awkward social dances with past people. However you should never rely on others to fulfil you and I have learned, am learning, that all you need is within yourself. Today I have found that strength, somewhere in my subconscious, in dreams of travel and in waking up with his arms around me and his bright blue eyes. So, here is that energy put to some use; a gallery of photos taken the other day on my mission to drag this frustrating fractured foot out of the house and down to Roath Park, a beautiful little pocket of Cardiff and one of the places I will miss most about this city.

[Please excuse the terrible cross processing, I’m playing around with Lightroom until I get the hang of it]


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