Amy, Blogger.

Sometimes it helps to just write things down or hear something aloud, and in the midst of quickly approaching applications for agencies in Australia I have misplaced my sense of direction a little.

This morning I was talking to one of my friends here in Cardiff and well, it’s nice to be reminded that even during this temporary hiatus, adventuring (big and small) is still a huge part of my life, and I am yet to actually come to a halt, however slow this time seems to be going.

One of the things I have been occupying myself with is this never ending portfolio adjusting. The pack idea I have been working up recently is actually starting to come together and since my previous post, with the intro leaflet, I have now completed the slightly more in depth ‘about me’ booklet, and the project Polaroids. It is all coming together! Here’s hoping they’re done, printed and sent off before I fly off to China!

The goal is still to narrow down and wriggle my way into becoming a travel blogger and photographer. So, from now on I am going to focus more on the writing side of things, try and be less talkative about myself and find inspiration in subjects around me. Hopefully this pretty new theme will reflect that and encourage me to do more towards this blog than throw photos at it and rant about my current life situations. Wish me luck.

I did originally consider posting images of the portfolio pieces I’ve been working on, but I think it’ll look much nicer once I’ve finally managed to work out a deal with the printers that doesn’t involve them entirely giving up on me and it’s all printed and laid out ‘in real life’. Watch this space!


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