HUB Fest Begins! – Friday Night

Last night was the beginning of Hubfest, the opening party, kicking off the weekend with a bunch of local bands in The Moon Club.

Sam Fowke:

IMG_3986 SmallIMG_3994 SMall


IMG_4025 SmallIMG_4037 SmallIMG_4042 SmallIMG_4047 SmallIMG_4058 SmalIMG_4070 SmallIMG_4080 SmallIMG_4083 SmallIMG_4087 Small

Scott Howells:

IMG_4091 SmallIMG_4105 SmallIMG_4127 SMallIMG_4142 SmallIMG_4171 Small

Georgia Paterson:

IMG_4302 SmallIMG_4313 SmallIMG_4358 SmallIMG_4393 Small

Shop Girls (minus a few band members, and uhh, girls)

IMG_4404 SmallIMG_4414 SmallIMG_4433 SMall

And the infamous Green Shit, which actually turned out to be pretty tasty:

IMG_4017 Small.jpg


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