HUB Fest | Soundwire & The Vega Bodegas

This weekend has been crazy. Between the emotional roller-coaster of Pride, the parade, the unity, heartfelt poetry on women and Gods, dancing to band after band in rock bars, laughing along to comedy shows and chilling in a ‘hip-hop yard’, watching jazz bands and dancers, there is simply too much to post at once.

So here are just two of the bands I saw in The Moon Club on Saturday night:

(I’m a little paranoid I’ve got the names wrong so drop me a message and I’ll fix it!)


IMG_4955 SmallIMG_4967 SmallIMG_4969 SmallIMG_4983 SmallIMG_5000 Edit SmallIMG_5002 SmallIMG_5006 SmallIMG_5008 SmalIMG_5010 Edit SmallIMG_5011 SMallIMG_5015 SmallIMG_5020 SmallIMG_5044 SmallIMG_5059 Edit Small


The Vega Bodegas

IMG_5241 SmallIMG_5251 SmallIMG_5257 SmallIMG_5263 SmallIMG_5267 SmallIMG_5277 SmallIMG_5290 SmallIMG_5301 SmallIMG_5309 SmallIMG_5318 SMallIMG_5324 SmallIMG_5333 SmallIMG_5342 SmallIMG_5346 SmallIMG_5389 Edit SmallIMG_5404 SmallIMG_5413 Edit Small


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