HUB Fest | Megaverse

The two sessions of Megaverse, a poetry/spoken word event during HUB Fest, were, for me at least, very emotional, very inspiring, and some of the poems really hit home. The term ‘yoga moments’ was thrown around and I certainly had a few moments where I was holding back the tears. It was amazing to witness the talent of local poets and those who had travelled from further afield to speak at HUB Festival. It’s always great to meet new people and talk about interesting things, and I personally really enjoyed these sessions.

I have tried to bring to light a couple of ‘feminist’ issues recently and it drives me crazy how people continue to put these problems down, brushing them off as just ‘something women go through’. Sarah’s poetry on women’s rights and LGBT experiences especially hit home and, among some other really great poems, gave me a huge sense of pride to be in a room full of strong women with such an awareness, such a compassion, for women, in a world where our power is dampened by others, we so often even turn against ourselves.

Aside from, and as well as this, there were many really amazing poems over the weekend and it has really inspired me to be more brave when it comes to my own interest in spoken word. I’m still terrified to actually stand up and read my own but I am going to try and be more active in writing and going to events. These people are all incredibly talented and deserve so much love.

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This experience was truly great and I wish Megaverse the best and longest life possible.


One thought on “HUB Fest | Megaverse

  1. Thank you Amy, am so pleased you had such a positive experience and took so many fantastic pictures 🙂 Every Megaverse has it’s own flavour and organising/hosting it can be quite an undertaking so it is always awesome to hear when people have got something out of it, for me and for all those who perform, thank you again 🙂

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