St Fagans Trip

Last week I decided it would be a good idea to get off my little single bed in my cramped shared house room and go outside. I think that any time you’re in a negative situation or even one that isn’t necessarily making you happy, the best thing to do it just go outside and find something to do, even if that something is just walking breathing fresh air.

So I went, and not long after arriving remembered it was still a couple of days off the end of the summer holidays and there were kids…everywhere! You couldn’t take a step without almost being rugby tackled to the ground by squealing siblings. But even so, I had a good time, I took some photos, had a coffee, and overall the day wasn’t too bad.

I’m sure when it’s quieter (just a personal preference) St Fagans is a great place to visit. They’ve recently refurbished their main reception building and it all looks really modern and clean, and all the staff are welcoming and polite. It was a lot bigger than I remember and it was quite nice to have the whole day to just wander and get lost in the historical buildings and flower gardens. Everything is beautifully presented, I love how all the staff seemed to primarily speak Welsh, and there were people everywhere to tell you stories of the history, the weather was lovely and there was a fun fair next to the old-fashioned shops. The perfect day out, I can see why so many families chose to take their kids there…

Here’s some pics!

IMG_5964 Edit SmalllIMG_5967 Edit smallIMG_5969 Edit SmallIMG_5977 Edit SmallIMG_5980 Edit SmallIMG_5982 Edit SmallIMG_5987 Edit SmallIMG_5988 Edit SmallIMG_5993 Edit SmallIMG_5996 Edit SmallIMG_5999 Edit SmallIMG_6012 Edit SmallIMG_6021 Edit SmallIMG_6023 Edit SmallIMG_6028 Edit SmallIMG_6032 Edit SmallIMG_6033 Edit SMallIMG_6042 Edit SmallIMG_6052 Edit SmallIMG_6055 Edit SmallIMG_6061 Edit SmallIMG_6064 Edit SmallIMG_6069 Edit SmallIMG_6074 Edit SmallIMG_6077 Edit SmallIMG_6082 Edit SmallIMG_6085 Edit SmallIMG_6089 Edit SmallIMG_6094 Edit SmallIMG_6098 Edit SmallIMG_6108 Edit SmallIMG_6114 Edit SmallIMG_6119 Edit SMallIMG_6125 Edit SmallIMG_6127 Edit SmallIMG_6130 Edit SmallIMG_6132 Edit Small


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