Scotland | The Middle

Good morning WordPress! *Include a big cheesy grin here* I have had a coffee, a croissant and a cuppa soup and I am ready to take on the day! … And possibly the next few months too. It is full steam ahead and I cannot wait to continue my adventures across the continents!

First thing on the agenda is to post some photos from the second half of my Scotland trip. We went on a few more adventures before hopping on a flight to Rome Fiumicino and I quite like the images that came from them. We went on a day out to Banff, on one of the very few days of rain, and wandered around the shops before stopping off at the ‘place with the pancakes’ for a baguette and some soup (no pancakes this time!). Then we took a short walk along the rocky ocean side to the even smaller town of Macduff. In Macduff, there is a huge shipyard where the shipwrights were building a brand new ship and welding a couple of the ones already in existence, which doesn’t sound too exciting but the whole atmosphere was new and industrial and beautiful in its own way.

After wandering around for a bit in search of a route to the lighthouse (we failed but saw some cool stuff on the way), we retreated into a tiny but very nice cafe for a coffee and strawberry milkshake while we waited for the bus and making our way home.

IMG_6683IMG_6684 Edit SmallIMG_6685IMG_6690IMG_6692IMG_6693 Edit SmallIMG_6696 Edit SmallIMG_6700IMG_6701IMG_6704IMG_6705IMG_6707IMG_6711IMG_6713 Edit SmallIMG_6715IMG_6718IMG_6725IMG_6728IMG_6731IMG_6734IMG_6736 Edit SmallIMG_6741IMG_6744IMG_6747 Edit SmallIMG_6756IMG_6758IMG_6763IMG_6767 Edit


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