Rome | The End

Visiting my Aunt, in Rome, has become an increasingly popular and looked forward to part of my year. I even learned quite a bit of Italian before going last year but still managed to avoid actually speaking to anyone in the language beyond “Parli Inglese?” or “Do you speak English?” This time was no exception, but I managed to wander round fairly anxiety-free, taking photos and enjoy my time rather than worrying about how to order my next meal. The people of Rome are generally pretty friendly and accepting of ‘stupid tourists’ and it is super duper helpful to have someone around who can communicate if needed.

Also there are lots of strangely placed pomegranates.

IMG_6824 Edit SmallIMG_6831 SmallIMG_6835 Edit SmallIMG_6846 SmallIMG_6854 SmallIMG_6860 SmallIMG_6864 SmallIMG_6867 SmallIMG_6872 SmallIMG_6874 SmallIMG_6876 SmallIMG_6878 SmallIMG_6886 Edit SmallIMG_6893 Edit SmallIMG_6895 Edit SmallIMG_6904 SmallIMG_6911 SMallIMG_6913 SMallIMG_6924 SmallIMG_6931 SmallIMG_6944 SmallIMG_6954 SMallIMG_6958 SmallIMG_6960 SmallIMG_6965 SmallIMG_6970 SmallIMG_6971 SmallIMG_6974 SmallIMG_6983 SMallIMG_6986 SmallIMG_6988 SmallIMG_6992 SmallIMG_6993 SmallIMG_6995 SMallIMG_7004 SmallIMG_7006 SMalIMG_7020 SmallIMG_7026 SmallIMG_7028 SmallIMG_7041 SmallIMG_7045 SmallIMG_7049 SmallIMG_7052 SMallIMG_7057 SmallIMG_7060 SmallIMG_7069 SmallIMG_7071 SmallIMG_7076 SmallIMG_7082 SmallIMG_7088 SmallIMG_7093 SmallIMG_7094 SmallIMG_7095 SmallIMG_7101 SmallIMG_7104 SmallIMG_7109 SmallIMG_7110 SmallIMG_7112 SmallIMG_7114 SmallIMG_7131 SmallIMG_7136 SmallIMG_7138 SmallIMG_7172 SmallIMG_7176 SmallIMG_7179 SmallIMG_7189 SmallIMG_7193 SmallIMG_7196 SmallIMG_7203 SmallIMG_7209 SmallIMG_7230 SmallIMG_7261 SmallIMG_7268 Edit SmallIMG_7285 SmallIMG_7287 SmallIMG_7291 SmallIMG_7295 Edit SmallIMG_7299 SmallIMG_7301 Edit SmallIMG_7307 SmallIMG_7308 SmallIMG_7310 SmallIMG_7318 Edit Small

So that’s that. Rome was pretty darn fun, and I am really looking forward to continuing my travels this week!


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