I’ve been working at Swild for four days now, Tuesday til Friday, and already I am sitting at MY DESK (woop woop) yawning and feeling drowsy but it is so so worth it. This is the first time I’ve had a job where I don’t have to stand at the till of a shop raising money destined for someone else’s pocket, or behind a sink or an oven stressed, sweating and worried when the next time I slice a part of myself off will be. Here I can just sit down and get on with a project I actually enjoy and have been working and studying for. Meanwhile there are people hustling and bustling around me getting on with the thing they are passionate about too, and I get to watch this fantastic new studio, coffee shop and classroom rise up around me.

Things are done so much faster in China, even in Chengdu; a city known for its laid back lifestyle. But I’ve said that many times before so let’s move forward. I think a lot of traveling is about realigning your priorities, and however cliché it might sound, this week has been a whirlwind of emotion and feeling overwhelmed and re-establishing my grasp on what is important. I think at ‘home’ you get comfortable and so you have to find things to do, materialise decisions to make, that just wouldn’t be important in an environment like this; whether or not to wear jewellery today, what meat you want with your potatoes. Out here I’m lucky if I can work out how to say potatoes without someone bringing me three bowls of porridge and the spiciest tofu you’ve ever tasted. Hong Wei is teaching me snippets of Chinese every day and I think it’s going relatively well now. I am getting more and focused on the rest of this big adventure each minute, and feeling more and more capable every day.

Outside of Swild I have been wandering and exploring, and a lot of this city, even in late Autumn, is very photogenic. So here’s a few photos of the Qingyang Temple and food alleys I visited on one of my first days here.

[000106] Small[000107] Small

IMG_8269 Small
Tianfu Square
IMG_8270 Small
Tianfu Square

IMG_8272 SmallIMG_8273 SmallIMG_8274 SmallIMG_8276 SmallIMG_8280 SmallIMG_8282 SmallIMG_8284 SmallIMG_8285 SmallIMG_8286 SmallIMG_8287 SmallIMG_8288 SmallIMG_8291 SmallIMG_8292 SmallIMG_8298 SmallIMG_8299 Small

And here’s a link to the Swild Instagram I’ve been running in case you fancy seeing what I’ve been up to!


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