Fire Fox / Xiǎo Xióng Māo

Note to self: Start day with pandas. Nothing bad can happen if your first few hours involve cute fluffy red pandas, giant pandas, baby pandas. I think I should just let the photos speak for themselves.


IMG_8735 Edit WIMG_8807 Edit WIMG_8804 Edit WIMG_8801 Edit WIMG_8765 Edit WIMG_8865IMG_8748 Edit WIMG_8737 EditIMG_8809 Edit WIMG_8816 Edit WIMG_8817 Edit 2 WIMG_8824 Edit WIMG_8834 Edit WIMG_8835 Edit WIMG_8842 Edit WIMG_8850 Edit WIMG_8876 Edit WIMG_8879 Edit WIMG_8885 Edit WIMG_8894 Edit WIMG_8898 Edit WIMG_8901 Edit W



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