Lost at Baigongyan Reservoir

If there’s one thing I’d recommend doing when taking a trip to a Chinese city, it is to take at least a day to explore the outskirts. The beginnings of the countryside are where you’ll find the communities unaffected (or less affected) by Western culture, where you can experience the more rural and arguably authentic Chinese lifestyle, you can breathe less-polluted air and notice the unique wildlife and landscapes China has to offer outside of the typical competitively tall and oh-so-grey cityscapes; and they’re easier to get to than you might think. I just wouldn’t recommend you doing it hungover after a regrettably mediocre (and Western) night out.


IMG_9295IMG_9287IMG_9270IMG_9285IMG_9263IMG_9258IMG_9247IMG_9238IMG_9232IMG_9227IMG_9222IMG_9220IMG_9218IMG_9215IMG_9210IMG_9208 EditIMG_9204IMG_9194IMG_9191IMG_9189IMG_9185 EditIMG_9182IMG_9164IMG_9153 EditIMG_9141IMG_9139IMG_9132IMG_9129IMG_9300IMG_9307IMG_9308


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