The beginning of this month was dark, the truth shielded by nervousness and a severe lack of integrity. Since starting to be more honest with myself, with others, I have seen an active response from the universe (hear me out).

I take back everything I said before about losing faith, cutting down your standards for the sake of convenience, and I know it’s easy to say now I might have progressed towards something worthwhile, even likely, but it’s important to have faith in yourself. Have faith that if you live truthfully to your beliefs you will be rewarded, that you’ll do well.

As important as it is to be honest, you still have to cultivate a strategy; to give away your truth positively and not recklessly. Sometimes to succeed and to aid others’ success you have to do more than simply throwing out the truth, you have to do the right thing and take responsibility. Expect nothing. I think now I’m doing the right thing.

Today I had a second interview, for a really good and successful company working with important not-for-profit organisations in Australia, and I think I did really well. This is the biggest, most competitive company I have got this far with and I am proud of how much I’ve achieved in such a small amount of time. I am starting to look at myself differently, take my skills seriously and actually like the person looking back at me in the mirror (God forbid). I want to be valued, and to achieve that I must first value myself. Today I stayed motivated through the whole experience and I think (hopefully) made the best impression I possibly could.

The moral of the story: Don’t give up (as cheesy as that sounds).

Practise does not always make perfect; more permanence, so take a step back from what isn’t working, take a rest day, refresh, become more aware of what you’re doing day-to-day and make a positive change. Good things will follow.


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