Blood Moon.

The super blue blood moon eclipse is coming and I do not have the urgency or necessary motivation to properly explain how I feel about this; to put it simply I just know that it means something.

…Something big, something more than what we can see in the sky or how we perceive those who believe in such things. I know that at times like this power is everything, everything is enhanced and if ever there is a time to focus your energy on self improvement and spiritual development, it is right goddamn now.

So here I am, standing calmly on the exterior, gazing up at the moon, waiting patiently and open. Do you ever have times when you just know something to be true, regardless of how well you can articulate it or how others might see it? Change is not only coming, it is here, standing grounded and impatient at the doorstep. The tides are changing, are you ready?

This is a new beginning, I can feel it.

3 MoonsIMG_0479 Edit



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