Do it all with purpose.

There’s nothing like sitting down in a good coffee shop with a strong shot of caffeine and the niggling knowledge that you haven’t written in a while, and you MUST write; there’s nothing like expectation to stifle creativity.

Leaving the coffee shop, with a time and a place to get across the city, and just a bike and my own legs to get me there, and the promise of having to stand up to at least one questionable character during the day, is a welcome reminder of my own responsibility and my own power.

I have gotten into the habit of doing everything with intention. I suppose this is a reminder to keep this commitment present. There is a hill on the way to the train station and it is intimidating at first; its steepness holds a threat of chaos, of loss of power, of total responsibility. Get into a habit of holding your own power within your borders, know what you want and take the steps necessary to get it, and roll down that goddamn hill. I’m at the station now, strong and almost robotic in my actions, I am sure of each step and I am walking confidently.

This week I am shedding the humble, apologetic, dismissive qualities of myself; the feminine energy I have held so proudly for the the last few months, at least. I am channelling a masculine energy, determined and persuing results over experience. That is not to say that I am not experiencing, more that I am learning how to be stronger, exercising those muscles so I can use them better in future.

Be present, be sure and as always, be honest and kind.

Song of the day: EZA – High & Low


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