It’s All About Perspective.

Going outside with my camera is a lot like walking up and opening my eyes. It’s all about perspective. The lens you look through can completely change your surroundings: “You can rarely change how somebody thinks or acts, you can only change how you choose to react to those actions.” – A loose quote from my meditation teacher in uni. Thank you, Ana.

See, today was my one day off and one way I could look at it is that I have stayed in bed wasting the day on Netflix, eating convenient but quite bad food and only getting up and going outside at 4pm because my mind was hazy and weirdly my mouth has started tasting like it did in Asia. I’ve aimlessly walked into a coffee shop to fill up on caffeine and coffee-confidence, coincidentally the same one me and Riley stopped into on one of our first encounters, and I am listening to nostalgic music and ignoring the world passing me by to stick my nose in my phone and write this.


You could say that I have taken a much-needed break from my disappointingly frustrating and low paying job to sleep the necessary amount before catching up on my Mandarin homework in preparation for my class this evening (a step towards self-improvement and increased empathy, or the ability to tap into that empathy). I have taken a walk to clear my head, collect visuals from already captured memories and head towards making new ones, and write because oh wow my head is full of thoughts and wonders, and there are nice people here to talk to. Maybe that’s a weird thing to say.

I’m starting to realise how little I’m earning and how draining this job has become and how my bad skin and dry hair has reflected this. It’s time to move on and dive into another frantic, risky adventure. Yet again I can feel the change coming and it has been my camera, my creativity, that has opened my eyes to it.

Keep going outside, keep taking breaks and nurturing yourself, your relationships, and your future. Because it’s here, and it’s so so exciting.

IMG_0550 S

IMG_0554 S

IMG_0558 S

IMG_0562 S

IMG_0570 S

IMG_0573 S

IMG_0586 S

IMG_0591 S

IMG_0593 S

IMG_0594 S

IMG_0596 S

IMG_0602 S

IMG_0606 S


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