Cacti and Trees That Bleed?

In this week’s unexpected time off work, in an attempt to avoid the reality that unemployment means a quickly deflating bank account, meaning less and less time in Australia for me… I have been making an effort to explore the city and do all the things I’d regret not doing once I leave. Maybe not the best motivation to visit tourist attractions, but more true than convincing myself I am here to mindlessly travel. I am here to work and learn and improve my chances of finding creative work back home elsewhere, but all the time that isn’t an option I might as well entertain myself with pretty things and enjoy the tropical weather and exotic plant life. Also apparently there’s a type of tree here that bleeds red sap?

IMG_1385 Edit SIMG_1383 Edit SIMG_1380 Edit SIMG_1376 Edit SIMG_1373 Edit SIMG_1372 Edit SIMG_1371 Edit SIMG_1369 Edit SIMG_1367 Edit SIMG_1366 SIMG_1363 SIMG_1354 SIMG_1343 SIMG_1280 SIMG_1276 SIMG_1273 SIMG_1271 SIMG_1269 SIMG_1265 Edit SIMG_1261 SIMG_1258 Edit SIMG_1256 Edit SIMG_1254 Edit SIMG_1237 Edit SIMG_1234 SIMG_1230 Edit SIMG_1224 SIMG_1221 Edit SIMG_1215 Edit SIMG_1206 Edit SIMG_1202 Edit SIMG_1201 Edit SIMG_1199 Edit SIMG_1198 Edit SIMG_1197 SIMG_1195 Edit S


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