First Day at the Saw Mill

I started my new job today, at ST Olive & Sons Saw Mill in Dingo, QLD. (Note to self: look up what the difference is between a timber mill and a saw mill.)

I’m handling wood for a living, and not the kind I expected to be when things got tough this year. My job today was mostly stacking thin planks on a pallet, mindless but it gives me the space to think about…things. As expected, the mill is a bit of a shit show, but at least it’s a slightly organised shit show, and I only bumped and scraped myself a few times. Nothing worth reporting, I don’t think, and we get paid at the end of it (hopefully)!

Other than the lack of WiFi in this little outback town to post more, all is well in the land of Amy.

“You take what is offered, and that must sometimes be enough.” – Virginia Vidaura


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