The Saw Mill Adventures Continue…

Todd almost broke his finger at work, and injured another two, and I’ve been stacking giant matchsticks onto pallets in strict sets of 5, 9 sets across, for the last 4 days. That’s 29 hours of the exact same motion. I worked out I’ve stacked a total of 28,350 planks of wood this week, and apparently such a mindless task leads me to do pointless sums in my head instead of focusing on not chopping off any of my own limbs.

As you can probably tell, things are getting pretty tense.

However, not all is lost (excuse the melodrama, there’s not much excitement happening in the little town of Dingo, as you can probably imagine)! Sean, the friend I made back in Charters Towers, is lending us his caravan for the next week so we’ll have power, lights and a fridge freezer again; and you know what that means… Ice Cream!

The owners of the campsite are taking very good care of us and have offered to drive us into the nearest town worth going to (Rockhampton), for supplies, and bring us back from wherever we decide to get the car fixed next week; Because of course, the car has broken down yet again. It’s not fun being stranded in the middle of nowhere without transport of our own or any of the homely comforts so easily taken for granted (even having running water and electricity, the occasional spot of WiFi, is a luxury after two months on the road). We ran out of money about three weeks ago and have been living on the absolute bare minimum, so THIS, this is heaven.

However difficult and monotonous work might be, I am so grateful for friendly strangers and small pleasures. Staying positive, it’s looking like we’ll be here for a while.


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