Air Bnb 4Ever. Pls.

We arrived at the second air bnb of hopefully a long line of bnbs yesterday, and once again I have found myself in one of the nicest houses, with the nicest people, wondering why people don’t do this all the time. Why people literally don’t live their lives running and travelling around air bnb’s, that shouldn’t be such a crazy concept, we are naturally social creatures…

So we arrived, and how it was described to me, and what seems most fitting, is that it’s like a little commune. There are chickens in the garden, the rooms are hand painted different colours and there is a guitar and a jesus statue on the mantle piece. In fact the whole house is dotted with interesting memorabelia; crystal balls, unicorn puzzles, colourful lanterns and a creepy manequin head randomly placed in a cupboard overlooking the bedrooms, naturally.

We are in the lilac room, complete with appropriately coloured towells, Frida cushion, old-fashioned dressing screen and obligatory flamingo garden ornament. After having a grand tour of the house, and discovering that they have a camper in the garden with “Know Your Power” rather relevantly painted on the side, we settled in with a glass of whiskey each and some friendly chatter with the hosts and other guests.

Last week we stayed in an Air Bnb in Point Cook, a beautiful brand new bungalow in a rather swauve residencial estate with the lovely Aussie and Philippino couple. Since then I’ve stayed in Glen Iris, a suburb of Melbourne, in a rather fancy high-rise block apartment (where the big awkward talk and the mouse faces happened), and a plastic and chemical free house with a lovely host who takes photos of each male guest’s face for his Instagram collection and hoards… everything. Including a huge red Chinese lantern that cast a warm glow over the cluttered but quirky-in-a-good-way downstairs.

Next was a house with three very cute very friendly dogs, a fish tank, and a giant flat screen TV and almost cartoon-like kitchen that we definitely took advantage of, among a few other really interesting, very welcoming and homely places.

‘For-now homes’ truly are the best homes.

Air BnB is the most underrated form of travel in my opinion, especially if you’re traveling in a pair and want to split the cost; it often works out the same cost as a hostel and you get the comforts of a personal home environment, and usually that all important unlimited WiFi included.

Of course it’s nice to be around the masses of other travellers and have the constant social aspect of backpacker hostels, but sometimes it’s good to have more of your own space, the creature comforts of home and privacy. And of course a nice clean shower.

It’s nice to be able to socialise if you want, with just a few people, or not if you’d rather go and write or read or whatever, on your own. Of course some of our experiences have been less quirky that these, and it can sometimes be strange occupying a stranger’s home but ultimately I think it’s well worth the not-so-fun experiences for the variety and benefits of travelling this way.

*A totally un-sponsored account of my overwhelmingly positive Air BnB experiences in Australia.*

– I do wish this was financially endorsed, but unfortunately no, just a nerdy poor artist and her own words here.


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