‘Are We Done Yet?’

Vegan, bisexual, female, artist.

I am more than a little intense sometimes, with my views of the world and how it would be better if people would just practise a little more empathy. I know, it’s inconvenient for you to listen, but I repeat myself far too often because I’m simply not getting through.

But why should we suppress how we feel about the injustices or social mistakes in the world? Why should their views or actions be more openly spoken about, less combated, just because they are currently the societal norm?

My struggle is not much to do with if cows have feelings, if pigs want to live or chickens have dreams and aspirations; more to do with how we accept and do not question the constant unapologetic consumption and mistreatment of animals and our environment. What if? We are in such a connected and accessible world now that we are more than capable of easily living without torturing and killing animals, so why on earth do we still do it?

Why are we still questioning sexuality, gender, lifestyle? Can we not just live and let live? It is so dangerous to live as a sensitive person in this callous world, that I am not surprised so many around us are clearly exhausted. Those screaming about freedom, femininity, empathy, are still labelled as lesser than. “Silly feminists, don’t they know there are more important things to worry about? Like the economy.” Quite frankly you can fuck the economy, John.

He’s told me I’m crazy so many times now, I actually think I’ve lost my mind.

The more I walk around the streets seeing people in pristine black suits, men with thick layers of defence to the world, meat-eaters, homophobes, people so scared of transgender people they need a clause to make it excusable to murder them, racists, people so obliviously miserable they feel the need to be aggressive to strangers on the street… It makes me sad, it’s overwhelming to the point of despair.


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