Get Your Goddamn Head Up. Creative Mornings.

I can’t post photos here any more being I am poor and had to stop my subscription and have obviously ran out of WordPress space (photography was not a good choice for a limited blog).

BUT I went to Creative Mornings in Sydney this morning; my little creative outlet for the month while I am in this un-hireable period of travel. So imagine a page filled with fine-lined doodles and scribbled notes from an awesome talk by Tara McKenty (thanks for the words of wisdom and all that stuff!)

I guess it goes a bit like this:

  • CREATIVE MORNINGS! – Toipic: ‘Inclusive’
  • Check out The Commons, a new co-working space in Sydney
  • Also check out Love It Down Under, some guy with wayy too much energy helping creative people effectively get their work ‘out there’!
  • OPSM, Penny the Pirate – Most Effective Campaign in the world!
  • Identity is EVERYTHING
  • On average a language is lost every 14 DAYS! – Kupu App
  • RARE = celebrate diversity; Inherent (gender, race, sexuality, religon) + Acquired (Travel, loss, tragedy, illness)
  • Must email Tara about how I need to be a part of RARE
  • How to convince a client to set aside an Innovation Budget for creativity
  • Kicksticks is a pretty darn cool idea
  • The Nike advert pops up again, don’t cry, HOLD YOUR GODDAMN HEAD UP.
  • I drew a bee because the energy in the room was buzzing, and also too much caffeine, and looked up and the scribe had drawn the same thing on the screen. CONNECTION!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m about as inspired as I’d hoped to be, I’ve got my fix of creativity and like-minded people for the day and I’m ready to shake this ridiculous downer I’ve been tripping on the last few months. What will be will be, it doesn’t matter that they think you’re crazy or if your world changes at the end of this or next week, you have to keep your head up and keep going.

There is no alternative, and there are always good people around when you need them most.


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