Excitement for the year to come.

Excitement with a dash of nervousness and a hell of a lot of planning. That just about sums up this week for me. Less than four days to go until I jet off back to a more stable and relaxed land. Four days to say goodbye to friends, to reflect on the meaning of the … Continue reading Excitement for the year to come.


Little pockets of Joy.

"Laughter is the best medicine, and it costs nothing... You've got to have a laugh haven't you." I am back here, where I have been so many times to write these posts. Sat in the back of this dimly lit and familiar coffee shop; cosy not dreary, and bursting with life. There is a table … Continue reading Little pockets of Joy.

‘Are We Done Yet?’

Vegan, bisexual, female, artist. I am more than a little intense sometimes, with my views of the world and how it would be better if people would just practise a little more empathy. I know, it's inconvenient for you to listen, but I repeat myself far too often because I'm simply not getting through. But … Continue reading ‘Are We Done Yet?’

Put Dingo Saw Mill on Your Blacklist and Drive Away.

First of all (I know I shouldn't bitch about it really) we were lied to about this mill being able to sign off my second year visa, so I wasted 88 days of my short time in this country being treated like an idiot doing boring manual labour in the middle of nowhere, for no … Continue reading Put Dingo Saw Mill on Your Blacklist and Drive Away.

Why I loved to be in Australia.

Dingos and dollars, and "Truth?!" and bucks and she'll be 'right" and "your accent stands out here kid" and things are starting to feel very Australian. Since I left Melbourne I've been thinking pretty negatively about Australia working holidays, and frustrated at my experience being outweighed by people truly experiencing the wonders this country has … Continue reading Why I loved to be in Australia.