Mona. A Raw Person Account.

Supposedly the top attraction in Hobart, or so our tour guide says as we follow her around the city. Others have given it the infamous slogan of 'The Museum of Sex and Death'. We were told this experience would be confronting, "come to be shocked" our tour guide had said. I am put on edge from the very beginning and the rest of the day would only get worse from here.


Hostels, Yay or Nay?

Ever since I've started visiting different countries, travelled around the world or simply just wanted somewhere to stay closer to the city centre, I have chosen to stay in hostels over other forms of accommodation. Why? Hostels are cheap, firstly. And secondly, you get to meet people, make friends, share your stories and generally exchange … Continue reading Hostels, Yay or Nay?

Why I loved to be in Australia.

Dingos and dollars, and "Truth?!" and bucks and she'll be 'right" and "your accent stands out here kid" and things are starting to feel very Australian. Since I left Melbourne I've been thinking pretty negatively about Australia working holidays, and frustrated at my experience being outweighed by people truly experiencing the wonders this country has … Continue reading Why I loved to be in Australia.