10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Coming to Australia

Something I have learned over the last year, that has finally been drilled into my head, is that the world owes you absolutely nothing.


Air Bnb 4Ever. Pls.

We arrived at the second air bnb of hopefully a long line of bnbs yesterday, and once again I have found myself in one of the nicest houses, with the nicest people, wondering why people don't do this all the time. Why people literally don't live their lives running and travelling around air bnb's, that … Continue reading Air Bnb 4Ever. Pls.

How to be Vegan AND a Real Person.

Why I don't believe in the value of negative vegan activism, and that positivity is the most efficient way to convince people. I'll just jump right in. A lot of vegan activism is, from what I have seen, negative; sharing shocking footage of animal abuse in slaughterhouses, telling stories of vicious farmers and the 'truth' … Continue reading How to be Vegan AND a Real Person.