The Nature of Chengdu.

The great Chinese city of Chengdu is just that; a city. Images that come to mind when imagining big Chinese cities range from perfectly symmetrical grey buildings, air thick with pollution to bustling bodies commuting to and from competitively tall office towers, and a distinct lack of nature; evidence of the Eastern cultural push for … Continue reading The Nature of Chengdu.

Hub Fest | Barracwda

Barracwwwwda! I have had some coffee and am quite amused by their name. The barracuda is a tropical fish known for it's impressive size, fearsome appearance and ferocious nature; or what I like to call the party piranha. And let me tell you, Barracwda, the Cardiff based Samba Band definitely lived up to its name … Continue reading Hub Fest | Barracwda

HUB Fest | Platform 1

One of my favourite bands from last weekend was Platform 1, a folk band from Carmarthenshire. They're music was brilliant, their vibe was so sweet and positive and their Dad/Manager/Biggest fan was lovely to talk to and glowing with pride for his two children, and the third band member. He even said he 'wouldn't mind … Continue reading HUB Fest | Platform 1

HUB Fest | Soundwire & The Vega Bodegas

This weekend has been crazy. Between the emotional roller-coaster of Pride, the parade, the unity, heartfelt poetry on women and Gods, dancing to band after band in rock bars, laughing along to comedy shows and chilling in a 'hip-hop yard', watching jazz bands and dancers, there is simply too much to post at once. So … Continue reading HUB Fest | Soundwire & The Vega Bodegas

HUB Fest Begins! – Friday Night

Last night was the beginning of Hubfest, the opening party, kicking off the weekend with a bunch of local bands in The Moon Club. Sam Fowke: Duski: Scott Howells: Georgia Paterson: Shop Girls (minus a few band members, and uhh, girls) And the infamous Green Shit, which actually turned out to be pretty tasty: