HUB Fest | Soundwire & The Vega Bodegas

This weekend has been crazy. Between the emotional roller-coaster of Pride, the parade, the unity, heartfelt poetry on women and Gods, dancing to band after band in rock bars, laughing along to comedy shows and chilling in a 'hip-hop yard', watching jazz bands and dancers, there is simply too much to post at once. So … Continue reading HUB Fest | Soundwire & The Vega Bodegas


HUB Fest Begins! – Friday Night

Last night was the beginning of Hubfest, the opening party, kicking off the weekend with a bunch of local bands in The Moon Club. Sam Fowke: Duski: Scott Howells: Georgia Paterson: Shop Girls (minus a few band members, and uhh, girls) And the infamous Green Shit, which actually turned out to be pretty tasty:

The Beginning of the Adventure | Beyond the Border Festival

I have just spent some time editing and publishing the posts I have had drafted on my personal blog for a while, and a few of them are fairly negative, except this summer, this whole year really, has been a huge adventure. I have done so much (and taken so many photos) so I suppose … Continue reading The Beginning of the Adventure | Beyond the Border Festival

16,863 People Reached!

This happened a while ago, but with all the free time I've had over the last few weeks I have had the chance to play around with my photos a bit and realise that I don't think I reacted as much as I should have when this happened. It was kind of a favour, although … Continue reading 16,863 People Reached!