Road Trip! Melbourne to Darwin.

We sit for hours along the highway, listening to You Me At Six battling against the sound of the engine and the rush of the wind through the windows. This new country is build on the shores of a wasteland, and we're riding up the explorers highway, serial eating Ritz crackers and watching the eagles fly overhead and the crows and vultures feast on the roadkill.



I wrote a post about a lack of focus recently, explaining the distractions of this place and my intention to concentrate on positivity and motivation instead. And yet I still ended up with a general lack of focus, and few actions towards living more intentionally, despite being here. Instead I continue to let myself become … Continue reading Refocus.

Why I loved to be in Australia.

Dingos and dollars, and "Truth?!" and bucks and she'll be 'right" and "your accent stands out here kid" and things are starting to feel very Australian. Since I left Melbourne I've been thinking pretty negatively about Australia working holidays, and frustrated at my experience being outweighed by people truly experiencing the wonders this country has … Continue reading Why I loved to be in Australia.