The Saw Mill Adventures Continue…

However difficult and monotonous work might be, I am so grateful for friendly strangers and small pleasures. Staying positive, it's looking like we'll be here for a while.


There’s another chapter coming.

When you've got creative block or feel you're stuck on loop, work a labour job. Get outside, work with your hands, get a little grubby. Lift, move and stack things over and over again until your brain has nothing left to do but consider, turn-over and re-evaluate. Get down and dirty, literally and figuratively. Get … Continue reading There’s another chapter coming.

Backpacker Cars & Australia’s Indigenous Population.

There is something much more exciting that I wanted to write about but I have forgotten what it was and I told Todd I'd write about Backpacker cars, so here we are. Yesterday I discovered the concept of backpacker cars; cars that have been passed down through generations of travellers, cars that are often written … Continue reading Backpacker Cars & Australia’s Indigenous Population.