‘Are We Done Yet?’

Vegan, bisexual, female, artist. I am more than a little intense sometimes, with my views of the world and how it would be better if people would just practise a little more empathy. I know, it's inconvenient for you to listen, but I repeat myself far too often because I'm simply not getting through. But … Continue reading ‘Are We Done Yet?’


Eden Project | Cornwall

This week my wonderful boyfriend *insert blushy face here* (throw up from the cuteness at your own will) treated me to a trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall. We took the slightly cheaper but very long 9 hour journey (each way) on stuffy coaches and walks so long my legs felt like they were … Continue reading Eden Project | Cornwall

What is the Goal?

To be happy. I have finished university and no longer have much to say on my personal blog, life is fairly steady right now; fuel for kick-starting this one again I think. The goal is to be a travel/lifestyle blogger/photographer in Australia. *cough* hipster! Call me what you will, it's what I want to do. … Continue reading What is the Goal?

Beautiful Carmarthenshire.

I'm in the West again and I am determined to make the most of it. It is very easy to come to a grinding to a halt when visiting this area, sit down and get stuck in negative cycles, of bad habits and opinions. It is also easy to assume the negative attributes of West … Continue reading Beautiful Carmarthenshire.

Chaoyang District | Sanlitun

This morning I spent a few hours wandering East around Sanlitun, a popular shopping area in Beijing, gazing into shop windows, finding amusement in the amount of Western chains there are here; KFC, McDonalds, Costa Coffee, Starbucks etc. and I even managed to order three dumplings in Mandarin all by myself on the way back, very … Continue reading Chaoyang District | Sanlitun

RetVersusAmyEllen | Turf War

There’s a drug war gripping our streets right now. From Newport Road to Queen Street to St. Marys the dealers rule their territory with an iron fist. Each day new advertising campaigns and marketing slogans appear to lure in potential customers. Each day new chemical technologies raise the stakes and the resulting fallout deepens. You … Continue reading RetVersusAmyEllen | Turf War