HUB Fest | Soundwire & The Vega Bodegas

This weekend has been crazy. Between the emotional roller-coaster of Pride, the parade, the unity, heartfelt poetry on women and Gods, dancing to band after band in rock bars, laughing along to comedy shows and chilling in a 'hip-hop yard', watching jazz bands and dancers, there is simply too much to post at once. So … Continue reading HUB Fest | Soundwire & The Vega Bodegas

RetVersusAmyEllen | Urban Forest

Cardiff is an urban forest situated in the South East of Wales. It has a human population of 346,100, covers a land area of 6,400 square miles and has an average annual rainfall of 37.8 inches. Its GDP is $36 billion and its coastal location means it has a maritime climate. It has an ethnically … Continue reading RetVersusAmyEllen | Urban Forest

RetVersusAmyEllen | Turf War

There’s a drug war gripping our streets right now. From Newport Road to Queen Street to St. Marys the dealers rule their territory with an iron fist. Each day new advertising campaigns and marketing slogans appear to lure in potential customers. Each day new chemical technologies raise the stakes and the resulting fallout deepens. You … Continue reading RetVersusAmyEllen | Turf War

RetVersusAmyEllen | The City

James Joyce believed that if he could understand Dublin, truly reflect the nuances of its modus operandi, then he could better understand others cities as a result. That whilst culturally different it was humanities commonalities which became expressed in environment, and what more complete an expression than the modern city? These artificial constructs are tailored … Continue reading RetVersusAmyEllen | The City