The Nature of Chengdu.

The great Chinese city of Chengdu is just that; a city. Images that come to mind when imagining big Chinese cities range from perfectly symmetrical grey buildings, air thick with pollution to bustling bodies commuting to and from competitively tall office towers, and a distinct lack of nature; evidence of the Eastern cultural push for … Continue reading The Nature of Chengdu.


Design Week Chengdu (Take 2)

See my article on the InternChina blog here! This weekend, I took a trip to the Chengdu Creativity and Design Week event here in Chengdu, with my housemate/new friend Claire: receiver of silly rants about the complicated social politics of travel and teller of funny Chinese internship-relates stories. We spent an hour or so traveling … Continue reading Design Week Chengdu (Take 2)

Chengdu is the Most Romantic City.

Forget Paris, Chengdu is the most romantic city in in the world. Like authentic romance, not tacky postcards and Facebook updates romance. The subways are always packed full of bustling commuters, it's impossible not to brush against other bodies, make eye contact, to wonder where the train is taking them, how their day has been. … Continue reading Chengdu is the Most Romantic City.