‘Are We Done Yet?’

Vegan, bisexual, female, artist. I am more than a little intense sometimes, with my views of the world and how it would be better if people would just practise a little more empathy. I know, it's inconvenient for you to listen, but I repeat myself far too often because I'm simply not getting through. But … Continue reading ‘Are We Done Yet?’


Why I don’t Agree with the #MeToo Hype.

I just have a little thing to say about feminism. I'm not sure there are 'little things' to say about such an important and media-hyped topic but here is my best attempt. I don't really agree with what women are doing on social media; posting statuses marked "#MeToo" in an attempt to magnify the issue … Continue reading Why I don’t Agree with the #MeToo Hype.