The Obnoxious Vegan.

I'm done. On the walk home, he glasses over at the conversation of activism, of fundraising for global animal causes and health catastrophes that could so easily be remedied if people just cared a little more. He, who has reached his limit of pretending to care, of using up his energy for my sake, to … Continue reading The Obnoxious Vegan.


Why I don’t Agree with the #MeToo Hype.

I just have a little thing to say about feminism. I'm not sure there are 'little things' to say about such an important and media-hyped topic but here is my best attempt. I don't really agree with what women are doing on social media; posting statuses marked "#MeToo" in an attempt to magnify the issue … Continue reading Why I don’t Agree with the #MeToo Hype.